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Welcome to Chai! Focused on user experience, security, and innovation, our mission is to build a comprehensive DeFi Hub for the Aurora ecosystem.
Chai is backed by Stealth Capital, the NEAR Foundation, and over 15 institutional and private investors. Our team consists of 15 experienced professionals led by co-founder and CEO Marin Zvo, co-founding Chairman Dean Thomas, and co-founding Advisor Alex Ng, who collectively bring more than 20 years of experience in the tech and blockchain spaces.
Chai provides users an affordable, secure and fully EVM compatible medium to effortlessly swap, lend, borrow, and earn yield on their digital assets. Powered by NEAR protocol's Aurora, Chai allows for ~10X higher throughput compared to traditional L1s, lightning-fast transactions, affordable gas fees at an average execution cost of $0.01, and much more!

Core Values — Security and Integrity

At a point in time rampant with hacks and uncertainty resulting in the loss of millions of dollars for DeFi users, Chai values the security of investor funds above all else. Our experienced team of developers strives to provide users with a safe and easy-to-use platform. Our protocol has been rigorously audited by blockchain security companies Peckshield, DEKALabs and several experts.
While trustless decentralization is the goal, we believe that acting with integrity gives our users peace of mind. This is why our team is public, we personally stand behind Chai and the product we create. The team at Chai pledges to act in the best interest of users and investors. We're not here to sell you a product, we're here to build a community.

Product Suite

Chai Money Market
Users are able to lend out their cryptocurrencies by depositing them into Chai pools, and receive chTokens in return; these chTokens can be redeemed for the underlying coin at any time for more than initially deposited, this is how interest is paid. Users similarly take overcollateralized loans to borrow against their cryptoassets.
Chai DEX
One-stop decentralized trading, liquidity providing and farming on Aurora. Chai DEX is an automated market maker (AMM), and together with Chai Money Market, is focused on becoming a cornerstone DeFi product to drive platform growth.
Chai StableSwap
Our StableSwap is an AMM (like Chai DEX) but specializes in swapping between stablecoins and pegged assets at the best swap rates with virtually zero slippage. Unlike usual swap fees of 0.2% to 0.3%, our StableSwap offers the lowest swap fees on Aurora. At launch, the Chai StableSwap will support the most liquid stablecoins such as USDC, USDT and DAI. Similar to our DEX, LPs can earn $CHAI tokens by supplying stablecoins to the underlying pools.
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Core Values — Security and Integrity
Product Suite