Chai Protocol

The Platform

What is Chai Protocol?

  • Chai Protocol is your one-stop decentralized trading platform on the Aurora network. You can find more information in the Introduction section.

What is CHAI?

  • CHAI is is Chai protocol’s native token that rewards holders with a share of exchange revenues. Check out our tokenomics for more information.

How do I bridge to Aurora?


Can I collateralize only 50% of my deposited token?

  • No, collateralization is only on 100% of your deposit balance of a given token.

Why can't I disable collateral?

  • You may have an outstanding borrowing balance. Repay some of your borrowed tokens first.

How can I increase my borrow limit?

  • The borrow limit is based on your collateral value. You can increase your collateral value by depositing tokens, and then collateralizing them.

How do I pay interest?

  • Your interest amount is automatically calculated, and will be added to your borrowing balance. You can repay anytime.

When do I need to pay back the loan?

  • There is no fixed time period to pay back the loan. As long as your position is safe, you can borrow for an undefined period. However, as time passes, the accrued interest will grow to make your health factor decrease, which might result in your deposited assets becoming more likely to be liquidated.

How do I pay back the loan?

  • In order to pay back the loan you simply go to the Borrowings section of your dashboard and click on the repay button for the asset you borrowed and want to repay. Select the amount to pay back and confirm the transaction.

How do I avoid liquidation?

  • In order to avoid the reduction of your health factor leading to liquidation, you can repay the loan or deposit more assets in order to increase your health factor. Out of these two available options, repaying the loan would increase your health factor more.

What is the health factor?

  • The health factor is the numeric representation of the safety of your deposited assets against the borrowed assets and their underlying value. The higher the value is, the safer the state of your funds is against a liquidation scenario. If the health factor reaches 1, the liquidation of your deposits will be triggered. A Health Factor below 1 can get liquidated. For a HF=2, the collateral value vs borrow can reduce by 1 out of 2: 50%. The health factor depends on the liquidation threshold of your collateral against the value of your borrowed funds.

What happens when my health factor is reduced?

  • Depending on the value fluctuation of your deposits, the health factor will increase or decrease. If your health factor increases, it will improve your borrow position by making the liquidation threshold more unlikely to be reached. In the case that the value of your collateralized assets against the borrowed assets decreases instead, the health factor is also reduced, causing the risk of liquidation to increase.


How to Swap

  • The exchange is where you can trade one token for another. It is a simple swap interface, just select the two tokens you wish to exchange. Follow this link for more details.

Buying CHAI

  • You can use Chai DEX’s Trading interface to swap your assets for CHAI.

Gas Fee

  • Gas fees are paid in order to make transactions on the blockchain. On Aurora gas fees are always paid in ETH.


  • Increased slippage may be needed when a trade price differs from the time of request and the time of order. Certain tokens may require 5+% due to their tokenomics (not decided by Chai DEX).

What is price impact?

  • Price impact is the influence an individual trade has over the market price of an underlying asset pair.

Is there a Faucet?

  • Yes, you can use our Faucet to get a little ETH amount for your first transactions. Always remember to keep at least 0.005 ETH in your wallet for gas fees.


What is staking?

  • Stake your CHAI Tokens and earn Stablecoin rewards
  • Read more here


What is Farming?

What is CHAI APR?

  • This refers to the Yield generated from the CHAI Token distributed in a Farm

What is Bonus APR?

  • This refers to the Yield generated from the Bonus Token distributed in a Farm

Can I Stake and Farm at the same time?

  • Yes!


What is a pool?

  • A liquidity pool (LP) is a pool of two tokens, e.g. ETH and CHAI tokens. This pool is what allows users to exchange between the two tokens automatically. You can find a tutorial here.

What is the ZAP feature?

  • ZAP is a quick way to convert tokens to LP tokens (only available for certain tokens).

How do I remove liquidity?

  • Simply head to the Pool you wish to remove tokens from and hit 'Remove'. See our guide for more details.

Wallets and Transactions

How to connect my wallet?

Add new tokens for a Swap?

  • In the Swap section of Chai DEX, you can either search for white-listed tokens or paste the contract address.
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The Platform
Wallets and Transactions